Congressos i Jornades en preparació

Els pares capadocis i la seva època: tradició i innovació

Gregori de Nazianz, Gregori de Nissa i Basili de Cesarea

L’objectiu del congrés és aproximar-se a aquestes figures des de perspectives multidisciplinàries, que tinguin en compte el context històric, artístic, teològic, literari, filològic, paleogràfic, filosòfic, educatiu, de perspectiva de gènere o qualsevol altra visió innovadora.

Barcelona, 7-9 de novembre de 2024


Congrés Greek Poet

What’s in a poet?

The figure of the poet in archaic and classical Greece


7th Open Conference of the Network for the Study of Archaic and Classical Greek Song (

Barcelona, July 3-5, 2023

Deadline for submission of proposals: end of November 2022.

Language: English

 Proposals should consist of 600 words maximum abstracts describing the subject, perspective and aims of the paper. They should be sent to the selection committee by the end of November 2022:  We hope to announce the program by the end of January 2023.

The conference will take place on site, but links will be provided to view the presentations online (registration will be required). Speakers will be offered free accommodation and meals, but no contribution can be made to travel expenses. Registration to attend the conference on site will be announced after the publication of the program.

Initially we prospect 30-40 min. presentations followed by discussion (either discussion of individual papers or general discussion at the end of the sessions). Please note that this initial prospect may change according to the kind and amount of proposals.

The core subject of the conference is the figure of the poet in archaic and classical Greece, from a variety of perspectives, such as the inner perspective of the poets in their own poetry; other contemporary Greek views on their poets; the views of later ancient Greeks on their classics. We also encourage a comparative perspective with other ancient and modern societies.

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Jornades sobre la traducció de textos antics: la comèdia i els textos satírics

 18 de novembre 2022