Tutorial Undergraduate Program Course 2015-2016

Miércoles, 28 Octubre, 2015 - Viernes, 30 Septiembre, 2016
Undergraduate program

What is the Tutorial Action Plan?

Some years ago, the lecturers of Classics thought it would be useful to introduce a programme to orientate and advice the students of Classics during their studies. This programme was also envisaged to help them prepare for entry into the labour market.

Since 2003-2004 the Departments of Greek and Latin Philology take part in the “Tutorial Action Plan” (PAT) offered by the Faculty of Philology.



Goals of PAT:

1.      The students must feel they are being coached in a personalised way.

2.      Guide any student wishing it (PAT is voluntarily) through the curricula.

3.      Diminish the number of students not sitting for evaluation.

4.      Obtain direct information of the needs and problems of the students.


How does Tutorship Work?

The Classics’ PAT is carried out by a team of Lecturers of the Departments of Greek and Latin Philology. The tutors meet the students in individual or collective meetings at initiative of either the tutor or the students.

To ensure the best attention, the students are split in three groups, each one with a different tutor.

-          First level: Intended for new students needing information about the studies and the general functioning of the UB. They have completed 0 credits.

-          Second level: Intended for students of first year (but not new at the UB) and those of second year, with less than 130 credits completed.

-          Third level: Designed for students of third and fourth year, with more than 130 credits completed, who are about to finish their studies and need specific orientation on employability.

As soon as the PAT Coordinator receives the list of the registered students, (s)he notifies every student of the group (s)he belongs to and the name of his/her tutor. After that, the students are summoned in a first meeting with their tutor, where they discuss the best way to carry out the PAT.

Tutors’ team:

Firth group: Laura Cabré Lunas, lecturer of Latin Philology.

Second group: Jordi Avilés Zapater, lecturer of Latin Philology

Third group: Carles Garriga Sans, lecturer of Greek Philology.

            Coordinator: Glòria Torres Asensio, lecturer of Latin Philology.