Seminaris a 4 Bandes II: "Commensality"

Thursday, 13 December, 2012
Sala de Juntes, Facultat de Filologia

Time: 6pm.

Participants: Adelina Millet, Jesús Carruesco, Mariona Vernet, Roger Aluja.

Second sessions of the Seminaris a Quatre Bandes (2012-2013) will be about  "Commensality."

The Seminaris a Quatre bandes, promoted by Drs. Joaquín Sanmartín and Jaume Pòrtulas and organized by the Departament de Filologia Grega de la Universitat de Barcelona and by Institut del Pròxim Orient Antic (IPOA), is a space for dialogue about the cultures of the Mediterranean and the Ancient Near East. It takes place at the Facultat de Filologia of the Universitat de Barcelona, and involves teachers, students and researchers in Assiriology and Classical Philology from different Catalan universities. It is a discussion forum open to all who have interest ​​on the ancient world.